What clients say

“Jenny is a highly skilled and supportive coach  who has the ability to use her deep understanding of the individual and a wide range of practical exercises to co-design experiments to enable learning and development through practice. Jenny’s personal approach included contact between sessions that helped to encourage, support  and embed learning. Her ability to challenge in a friendly, inquisitive and constructive way made our sessions even more valuable.”   Dr Sarah Cumbers,  Programme Director – Transformation, NICE

“I started using Jenny as a coach when returning to work and it has been an absolutely invaluable experience. Working with Jenny helped me focus my efforts on what really mattered, revised and developed my management style and helped me navigate some complex situations. The coaching process brought a new rigour to my thinking and in turn, in the way I approach my role. Ultimately this increased my confidence in my own ability which was reflected by being both more efficient and impactful in the workplace. Only six months after returning I was offered a promotion – so the investment has definitely paid off”.  Head of Sustainability, FMCG FTSE 100

“Jenny is an incredibly skilled and passionate coach. Within a short space of time she enabled me to see different perspectives, challenge some of my most intrinsic beliefs and create strategies to build my resilience. Jenny’s insightful questions and her ability to provide the right level of challenge means that months later I still find myself reflecting on the conversations we had and the implications for me. Her acute understanding of what informs how people think, hold beliefs about themselves and others, create habits… complemented by a focus on continuous learning, created a supportive environment for me to experiment with deep inquiry and learning about myself.

Jenny has a talent for translating her profound understanding of how people think and reason into coaching conversations through which I have come up with implementable actions. Our coaching sessions have been a life experience for me, the insights from which I will take with me throughout my career and life.”  Marika Sciumbata, On Purpose Fellow

“Jenny is an incredibly astute, engaging and energising coach and supported me with a coaching programme to better align my values to my everyday practice. The coaching sessions, and support between them, were thought-provoking and tapped into the questions I really needed to consider to help direct me towards my coaching goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”  Rebecca Reiley, Head of Business Services @ CAH, On Purpose Fellow

“Jenny’s coaching programme helped me to systematically work through my career ideas and options, and to identify and implement concrete action steps toward experimenting with changes. I also learned valuable skills for dealing with personal things that were holding me back from achieving my potential. I enjoyed working with Jenny and always looked forward to our sessions. She was a great source of help and practical resources!”  Christa Blanckenberg, Founder and Dietician, Mannah Dietetic Consultancy

“Jenny has helped me achieve significant changes in my life and behaviour that I’ve struggled with for a some time. She’s helped me get to know myself better, and helped me realise why I respond to certain situations the way that I do. As a result, I’ve transformed how I approach changing my behaviour, outlook, and performance. Her approach is encouraging and supportive but has also pushed me to grow and explore. I feel empowered as a result of my sessions with Jenny and I have really enjoyed the experience.”  Catherine You, Consultant working on the Agriculture, Learning and Impacts (ALINe) initiative, Firetail Limited

“During each of our sessions Jenny created an environment that encouraged me to reflect, to surface and express lessons from those reflections, and to take on-board her occasional and well-timed observations. Our free and open conversation, with Jenny’s guidance, retained a laser focus on the business and outcomes I wanted to pursue. And I benefited from the word go. Thanks, Jenny!”  Chris Graf, New Business Director

“Through our coaching sessions, Jenny was able to guide me from surfacing the key challenges I was encountering, to identifying clear development goals and agreeing specific plans to address the behaviours and mindsets which where not fully supporting my performance. I found the tools and techniques recommended very useful and was pleased to see tangible improvements after each session. I particularly liked Jenny’s tact and persistence in getting us to the root cause of the problems and the systematic approach when it came to planning and follow up on agreed course correction.”  Head of Urology Centre of Excellence, Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Having previously taken part in more traditional coaching and action learning, I found working with Jenny an eye-opener.  Each session truly made me think about my motivations and actions to a degree which was at times painful, but the end result was a less stressed me!  I have a better understanding of  my triggers,  and  what I can do to keep them under control and address them. I would whole heartedly recommend working with Jenny and will be looking to use her again in the future, whether for myself, or for colleagues”  Rowann Limond, Director of Finance

“During my time with Jenny, I found her to be empathetic, insightful and supportive.  She is intuitive and warm, and her love of, and interest in, people comes through strongly at all times.  Our discussions were wide-ranging, but always felt purposeful. I have massively benefited from my time with her, and feel confident that I can approach any new challenge with the self-awareness, resilience and insight which she has helped me to develop.”  Jim Riddiford, Social Entrepreneur

“Jenny guided me through a period of transition with kindness, and helped me to take a fresh look at my situation and beliefs. Through practical tasks I was able to look deeply at many of my limiting beliefs and test out new ways of approaching situations. I left sessions feeling empowered to make small changes in my approach and to take practical steps towards my goals. I am grateful for the time that Jenny put into tailoring a programme to address my specific needs, and for her heartfelt support along the journey.”   Jennifer Snabel, Yoga Teacher

“Jenny was very supportive and encouraging throughout our work together. Her gentle guidance was always calm and considered, suggesting new approaches and ways of being in the world, but without pressure or judgement. Her professionalism shone through in her approach and provides depth and understanding to her coaching. I often found myself asking her advice on various issues, as a mentor and friend, possibly beyond the standard coach / coachee relationship – and she always had some wise words to share. I found the exercises to be challenging, yet rewarding and productive, always encouraging me to be the best version of myself. Jenny had my best interests at heart at all times and was both professional and personal with unending warmth and experience”.    Business Development Manager, National Youth Charity

“Jenny’s style of coaching is calm and considered. She listened to all my concerns, issues, problems and ambitions, then, through discussion, helped me put these in to perspective. A “virtual” mirror was stuck up in front of me opening my mind and allowing me to see things for what they really were – often being completely the opposite to what I had thought!  Since receiving coaching from Jenny, I have regained a huge amount of confidence. I feel a huge sense of relief from the anxieties I felt before the coaching and this in turn is helping me progress. For this I am hugely grateful to Jenny.”  Louise Nazir, Operations Business Manager, National Charity

“Jenny has really helped me being an independent, experienced view and I already had bought in to the concept of coaching this exercise really showed me the value of having one.  Thank you Jenny for investing the time in working with me.”  Vice-President Technology, Global Publishing Company

“Jenny is warm and compassionate. She asks the right questions, getting to the heart of matters in a sensitive way. This demonstrates a depth of insight and awareness, and was something I really appreciated. She made practical pro active suggestions for empowering myself in my life, in a way that is tailored to who I am and where I was.”  Nathalie Joel-Smith, Eye Heart Yoga

“In just three sessions I feel I’ve completed a meaningful journey. You have acted as a powerful reflection in which to observe myself, and through observing to recognise barriers I place in the way of my own success. Although this has worked at a deep level it has been done through a practical focus on projects and outcomes I need to achieve in the work place. The tools you bring to the sessions: listening, reflecting, re-framing and the coaching action plan have been very effective. Thanks. ”  Marketing Director, Global Publishing Company

“In 3 short sessions we managed to move forward a performance area that had been plaguing me for some considerable time, teasing out the root cause for lack of sustained improvement previously and developing an approach to effect improvement. This yielded immediate benefit which was noted as performance improvement by my manager.

Interlinked with this was the issue of recognising and adjusting to organisational/cultural change. Through supportive but challenging questions I have been working through my understanding of and response to today’s real world environment and developed practical approaches to specific issues.”    Journal Services Director – Global Service Delivery, Global Publishing Company

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