Time for a Fresh Start?


Is it time for you to pause, reflect, take stock and plan?

Are you looking to see some changes?  Our brand new programme ‘Time for a Fresh Start’ is here to help.

For many of us the end of the year is a natural moment to pause and reflect.  What have your last 12 months been like?  Are you glad it’s over or will you be looking back at it remembering it as one of the good ones?

But when was the last time you took some quality time out, removed yourself from your busy life for a short while to get some perspective, reflect, take stock and plan for the future?  Not just professionally, but also personally?  Beyond one or two new year’s resolutions (which were then forgotten by the end of January)?

We’re guessing it may have been a while.

Wouldn’t it be great to give yourself time to tackle some of the more important questions:

  • How happy am I in my job?
  • Am I reaching my goals?
  • What really matters to me, at work and outside of work?
  • Am I living the life I want to live?

We know that none of these answers are easy to find, which is why we have developed this new coaching module.

We’ve designed the ‘Time for a Fresh Start’ course to be simple, effective, affordable and fun four-part coaching programme.  This programme will help you set stretching, achievable and most importantly relevant goals for the year ahead and supports you as you work towards achieving them.

What do you get?

Based on over 30 years experience in setting and achieving goals we’ve designed this programme using some of our favourite tools.  You will:

  • Receive a four steps course
  • Work through simple but powerful exercises through which you’ll explore your life and your goals in a structured way
  • Develop your own personal action plan.
  • Get an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and action plan with an experienced coach during a one hour skype coaching session.  In the end you’ll walk away with a plan.
  • Receive extra bonus sessions around April, and then again around October, when you can reconnect again with your coach for two more sessions, which give you an opportunity to revisit your goals, the progress you have made, what might be getting in your way and how to overcome such obstacles.

This course is just what you need to help you get clear on your goals, stay on track and ultimately achieve what you aimed for.  It is available to English speaking clients from around the world.

‘Time for a Fresh Start’ is a mini retreat for yourself.  It’s simple, yet powerful and most importantly, fun!

The whole package is an investment of just £250 incl VAT.  Sign up today by emailing me at achievingyourpotential@gmail.com.

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