Sister Stories Womens Circles

A new adventure – Sister Stories comes to Richmond

While I’m still coaching some amazing people I’m now also a host for Sister Stories, facilitating women gathering in circle.  This is a place for us to share a story or feeling that wants to be spoken aloud and listened to without fear of being ‘competed with’ or ‘fixed’.  I believe we all have stories that we need to speak out loud and be heard by others. 

Some of our stories give us the chance to step into our own light, giving us a chance to be ‘bigger and brighter’ versions of ourselves.    Other of these stories may be holding us back from what we can be, keeping us small and at times closed, for example our inner critical and judgemental voice telling us ‘we can’t’ or ‘we shouldn’t or ‘what will others think?’.  Over time, we can release those that hold us back and step into new possibilities and in doing so, inspire other women to step forward into their own power.

This is the ancient made modern. Under skies, under stars, in living rooms, around kitchen tables, women have gathered for millennia. Sister Story circles offers a simple, powerful reimagining of this practice. 

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