There is are a lot of books and articles written on how to manage change and a many different training programmes focussed on teaching people models for change.  This is different.  This ‘Introduction to Leading Change’ training is focussed on learning a practical set of tools and practices based on in-depth, personal experience of what does and doesn’t work in scoping, planning and implementing change.

Get in touch if you want to know more, and in the meantime, here is some feedback from satisfied clients!

“Since the workshop, I have found it particularly useful to think about change management in terms of what people are losing out on, regardless of whether the change is undoubtedly better on the whole. When thinking like this, I have been able to break down the change process into smaller chunks and prepare for the tension points better.”
One of the best training sessions I have been to
It was really great how Jenny based the session around her actual, personal learning from the industry rather than being a classic ‘trainer’ that’s delivering something taught to them.”
Jenny was brilliant, clearly very knowledgeable in her field with a wealth of experience. the content was relevant and gave us time to reflect our own practice and apply it to our own situation in the organisation. really excellent training!”
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