Achieving your Potential helps teams and individuals identify and reach their goals – transforming themselves and their organisations.  It focusses first on the people, enabling them see what they can do armed with new information and skills, support, challenge and importantly pace to see the changes begin to deliver quickly.  We provide consultancy services on:

  • Scoping, planning and delivering change
  • Radically improving performance in operational teams in a sustainable way
  • Supporting local government and social enterprise to deliver together

In addition to this consultancy work, Achieving your Potential offers a coaching and mentoring service.

Scoping, planning and delivering change

I’ve got a successful track record in delivering successful and sustainable change by helping teams and organisations plan their approach to change, engage staff in change and then ensure delivery and rapid learning.   I lead work to turn around low team engagement, productivity and morale; address failing contracts; resolve budget shortfalls; help teams to scale up rapidly to meet new demands and to design and implement whole new ways of working or delivering.  Many people can talk change, but few have the track record to see it through to delivery.

The Achieving Your Potential approach is holistic, looking at the formal issues of change such as decision making and programme management, process and performance improvement through to the human aspects of engagement, enabling people to have difficult conversations and learning new skills or ways of working.

Radically improving performance

The Achieving your Potential approach works directly with managers and teams, actively engaging them, helping them understand their own performance by looking at the facts and what customers experience and what they can do to improve.   The real art of helping teams deliver improved performance isn’t just the golden thread of clear links between business goals all the way through to individual or team goals.  Alone, that changes nothing.  Nor does improvement need to rely on large investment, nor take a very long time.   I believe in a blend of high quality engagement, a focus on the customer experience, attention to data, a lean approach to how the work gets done and finally many incremental improvements.

Once the team really know their own performance and what they are trying to achieve, we design, assess and select options for improvement.  Then the change is implemented, using programme and project planning, rapid prototyping and piloting.  Progress is tracked daily and the lessons of what is working are identified, leading to robust implementation with ongoing regular tracking of results.  The team engagement and fast pace give them the knowledge that they can identify and deliver change again in the future.

Supporting local government and social enterprise to deliver together

The possibilities for social enterprise and third sector organisations to work together are endless and exciting. I help social enterprises and third sector organisation identify how they can work with local government, understand how decisions are made and how best to sell their services.

 If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.   Lao Tzu

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