Change tools, techniques and ideas

Achieving Your Potential uses a wide range of ideas, tools and techniques to help you design and deliver successful change programmes including:

  • Kolb’s learning cycles
  • William Bridges’ work on Managing Transitions
  • The trusty Kubler Ross Change Curve
  • Counselling, coaching and mentoring tools
  • Behaviour Change Wheel by Susan Michie, Maartje M van Stralen and Robert West
  • Facilitation, engagement, mentoring and coaching skills
  • Behavioural standards
  • Managing difficult conversations and negotiations
  • Lean and systems thinking, business analysis and end-to-end process mapping and improvement
  • Performance monitoring, systems and improvement
  • The ‘5 whys’ and ‘5 hows’
  • Tailored culture change templates incorporating many different levers
  • Effective programme and project management including strong sponsorship and well understood work packages, timetables and accountabilities
  • Risk analysis and mitigation tools – actively identifying, prioritising and mitigating risks
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