Strengths based coaching


Sometimes in life we loose our way, we can dwell on the things that aren’t quite right for us.  A great antidote to this is to spend some time reflecting deeply on our strengths, the things that make up our uniqueness.  Alternatively, if you are feeling that you are in the wrong job, career or industry stopping to notice our strengths, the things that energise you is a great first step towards a new start.

This coaching is short and to the point – geared to helping you make the most of the strengths.  It is based on the Strengths Profile report and looks at what you are good at, how often you use that strength and which energise you.  Clients find this last point particularly helpful – as sometimes the things we are good at we’ve over used or learned the hard way and this can mean that it is demotivating.

Strengths Coaching involves you taking an online assessment which produces a detailed report, analysing 60 different strengths over four categories (unrealised strengths, realised strengths, learned behaviours (also known as over-used strengths) and weaknesses).  During a de-brief session, we will help you interpret your results in relation to your current situation as well as your ambitions for the future. You will walk away with a clearly defined action to get you closer to your goals.

Choose one of the following packages:

Option 1:
Strengths Profile report
One 60 min online debrief session

£150 incl VAT

Option 2:
Strengths Profile report
One 60 min online debrief session
One 60 min online follow up coaching session
£250 incl VAT

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