Leading in complexity

There is now a really interesting body of research suggesting that the ‘best’ leaders are those who are more able to cope with complexity. This means that they are able to think through more complex problems, and work across complex organisational systems without needing to be 100% sure on the answers. It means that they are able to work with and indeed value different perspectives and build an ‘orchestra’ of different individuals to engage as they face new challenges. Finally it means that they know themselves, what brings out their best and their worst; they can manage their own resilience; in short they can manage their own inner worlds and the complexity that brings.  Does that ring true to you?  

However, most training programmes are about adding more knowledge – that doesn’t really help here. One analogy is that rather than pouring more water into an already overflowing glass, we upgrade your entire leadership operating system. If you are interested in the research behind this look up vertical development or adult development, or follow this link!

A Leadership Development Profile (LDP) report will help you see where you are in this process and what activities and practices you might do to continue your evolution.  If you are interested in more practical matters get in touch to organise your own Leadership Development report, debrief and if its right for you, your own developmental coaching programme.

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