Great books to help your learning

Understanding your strengths, values and style
Strengths finder
The Wisdom of theEnneagram
Bury my heart at conference room b

Looking for a new career?
Working identity
Coach yourself to a new career
Finding your own leadership style
It’s Already Inside
Working with and communicating with people at home or at work
Words that change minds
Vital conversations
Dealing with people you can’t stand
How the way we talk can change the way we work
What we say matters

Managing change and taking on a new roles
Managing Transitions
The first 90 days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders:  Michael, Watkins
Working with narcissists
Enough about you lets talk about me
Finding your way through life

Living your yoga
Meditations from the mat
A Path with Heart
Looking after yourself
Happiness: practical steps for all round well-being
Soul without shame – Help with tackling your inner critic – that voice that says you are less than you are
Meditation and Mindfulness
I love the Headspace app and Stop, Breathe, Think has had a great write-up
Mindfulness:  A practical guide to peace in a frantic world

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