Executive Coaching

DSC_0402Are you interested in:

  • Improving your leadership skills, confidence, performance or productivity?
  • Building better relationships in work?
  • Making a rapid impact in a new role?
  • Establishing a better approach to change programmes and projects?
  • Cultivating your decision making and strategic thinking?
  • Feeling worn down by change and stress?
  • Better balance between work and your outside interests?

Executive Coaching can help you!     Get in touch today for a free 45 minute executive consultation worth up to £150.

I believe we all have skills and potential that lie untapped.  I help clients develop skills and resources to achieve their potential, gain a sense of satisfaction and improve your performance.   The coaching focuses on helping clients be more skilful and effective in dealing with the challenges and opportunities that they face every day. The coaching helps clients gain insight, increased self-awareness and learn new tools and techniques.  A key part of our coaching is to ensure that this is fully embedded and sustainable – giving you the best change of long term effectiveness.

While I’m an experienced, certified Executive Coach and Associate Certified Coach with the International Federation of Coaching you might want to see what my clients have to say!

“In just three sessions I feel I’ve completed a meaningful journey. You have acted as a powerful reflection in which to observe myself, and through observing to recognise barriers I place in the way of my own success. Although this has worked at a deep level it has been done through a practical focus on projects and outcomes I need to achieve in the work place. The tools you bring to the sessions: listening, reflecting, re-framing and the coaching action plan have been very effective. Thanks.”  Marketing Director, Global Publishing Company

Here are more testimonials.

What am I offering?

Executive and Career Coaching – coaching sessions look to the future and we will work together on your goals to help you find your own way forward.  These sessions will help you to learn for yourself rather than by “teaching” you and, as we work together, you will develop insights leading to enhanced effectiveness.

Executive Coaching outdoors for new inspiration and new thinking.

Change Mentoring – are you are leading a major change and looking for an experienced ear to help you lead and plan the change whilst coping with the personal demands?  I will guide and advise you, drawing on my professional experience of over a decade of leading major change.   The role of mentor is like a personal tutor giving you tools, techniques, ideas and advice to help you deliver change successfully for the organisation, the staff and yourself.

Next steps – Get in touch today for a free 45 minute executive consultation worth £150.

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