Inner critic squared

Fractals in nature, Richmond Park 2019 I love/hate this piece 'The four of you' from @justinadamwise. The idea that when you are in conversation with just one other person, there are actually another two characters there. Uninvited characters.... As we talk to another, especially when the stakes are high or our resilience is low, we …

Unravelling part 2

Unravel #2 by Andrea Benson The possibilities offered by the word unravelling continues to fascinate, as does this image from Andrea Benson. Unravelling is a chance for investigating. As we unravel we can start to see the stories that bind and blind. The stories that bind us to current ways of thinking, feeling and reacting. …


This morning in the park the wise old oak women ease my janging nerves, calm my furrowed brow and whisper to my heart.   "Run wild.  Drop what is not you. Dance.  Walk barefoot.  Feel the earth beneath your feet and ground.  Feel the damp of the dewy grass and flow with the water."  

From the old comes the new

The old branch lay in the grove of oaks. As it lay there, slowly decaying back into the soil, new life took hold. Fragile at first, delicate, blown over at the first breath of wind. Yet it exists, new life sustained by the rotting wood of the old.

Time to think

For those of you coming back from holiday, ' Busy is not the point' feels like a great blog post from Seth Godin. Many will have heard about the blight of 'busyness' where we almost brag about our 'busyness' as a badge of honour, denoting how important we are and how much we contribute. I …