Less than 100%?

After another fascinating session with restorative yoga teacher Tuesday from Urban Yogi, I have much to think about….  She talked to me about the amount of effort needed to sustain a pose.  Silly, but I’d always assumed you have to do EVERYTHING thoroughly!  By thoroughly I mean with the total amount of energy I had available to me.  The idea that I could choose how much energy to use for a pose was enlightening.


So, in life I can choose how much energy to face a certain situation – what a super revelation.  I don’t have to do everything 100% – even if it is tough and challenging.  I can use less energy and still take action.

So, the next time you are in a difficult situation, dreading a difficult conversation – consider how much energy do I want to put into this and how much do I need to put in?

Passion, Potential, Possibility Urban Retreat

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Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th January 2015  10.00 – 17.00  Richmond

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