About Jenny


Hi, I’m Jenny Isaac, a qualified and experienced Executive Coach, an Integral Development Coach and transformational leader.  I enjoy working with individuals and organisations to support and challenge them as they deal with the opportunities and challenges of life ever more skilfully. Based in Ashburton, Devon and working with client across the country.


A Member of the International Federation of Coaching and with counselling training I’ve successfully coached individuals to address issues in work and outside and to plan and deliver a different future for themselves.

Alongside this, I have over a decade of experience in delivering better results for organisations, improved services for customers and enjoyable places to work.  With a reputation for success, I’ve been asked to lead programmes as diverse as creating new organisations, services and teams through to business and contract turnaround across infrastructure, cultural and customer services.  Each programme has delivered multi-million pound savings and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

I’ve led strategy and business planning, marketing, commissioning and procurement; people development; process and performance improvement; logistics; and operations in teams of up to 300 people and budgets of up to £90million p.a.

If you want to know more, get in touch

Email me at achievingyourpotential@gmail.com

Call me 07572 876098 – if I’m not around please leave a message and I will call you back.

Follow me on Instagram jennyisaac1970 or visit my Linked-In profile

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