Are you already more persuasive than you think?

A frequent topic of in coaching conversations is influence and persuasion. I will touch on influence in another post soon, but in the meantime I find that we are more persuasive than we realise. Too often we assume the answer to a suggestion or request will be a no and withhold our thoughts.

If you find yourself in this position you might want to ask why you think that? Is it based on evidence or assumptions? Do you imagine you will be viewed as rude? Demanding? Unable to cope? This interesting research from the Harvard Business Review suggests that too often we are undermining our own success by holding back sensible, legitimate, well founded advice and requests.

Making a thoughtful, composed request or providing considered advice is of course different to marching in, all guns blazing, fingers pointing. What advice are you holding back at the moment? What request would you like to make? How can you offer it in a way most likely to help someone listen?

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