Unravelling part 2

Unravel #2 by Andrea Benson

The possibilities offered by the word unravelling continues to fascinate, as does this image from Andrea Benson.

Unravelling is a chance for investigating. As we unravel we can start to see the stories that bind and blind. The stories that bind us to current ways of thinking, feeling and reacting. If we have a story that the people around us must always be happy and it is our responsibility to ensure that, we can hide parts of us that we imagine could cause disharmony. In doing that we are also blind to the possiblity that those around us may like hearing what we really think. Or even more importantly, that it is important to our own existence that we find ways to share what we really think before we dimiish ourselves further on the impossible goal of making others happy.

We may believe that we must always be strong and deep down we must not rely on others – missing out on deeper relationships for fear that we will not survive. So many stories that bind and blind.

We can start to investigate these stories, messages and beliefs. Look at what they make possible and impossible, where they came from, how true they are now and whether they are still needed to keep us safe.

Unravelling is an opportunity for clarity. As we separate the threads, investigate and solve we can suddenly get a level of clarity that can be enlivening and terrifying. We can see how the stories and threads have guided us without our knowing. We can see how these tales have invisibly guided our lives, acting as blinkers so we only see partial truths, parts of the whole, a microcosm of who we really are.

Unravelling is exciting, terrifying and brings new possibilities.

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