Shadow & Sister Stories Circle 10 July

We’ve been walking for hours. Intermittent crazy ball chasing followed by periods of deep musing. Recently I’ve been reading Bill Plotkin’s work on the psyche in nature, and in particular about our ‘shadow’ – those parts of ourselves that we would absolutely deny exist! The new idea to me is that of the ‘golden’ shadow – those parts of ourselves that we still deny exist – but are the positive qualities we see in others and deny exist in ourselves. I love that idea! It got me thinking about the friends and colleagues that I adore being with, those I look forward to talking to and spending time with and what that might mean about me (although I would still strongly deny that I have those qualities!). I’m quite fascinated by the idea and wonder what could be possible if I really looked at my ‘golden’ shadow and owned it fully, really stepped into the possibility… This might be my personal topic at the next Sister Stories Circle on 10th July – come along, I’d love to see you there.

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