Its the stories we tell ourselves that determine who we will become

Great read from Seth Godinmud today about our stories.  As you might have noticed I’m really interested in what helps us make the changes we want to and what holds us back in the patterns that no longer help us.  Many of us want to do things differently – speak up in meetings, respond differently to the bully, learn to say no, manage our time differently – this list is almost endless.  The answers often seems straightforward – just start saying no; ‘just’ start using a diary to plan your time – you get the picture.  And yet, somehow it just isn’t that easy to change.

In my work as an Executive Coach I tend to see people who want to make changes, but so far they haven’t been able to make the progress they are looking for.  One of the areas we look at is the story we tell ourselves and how that often keeps us stuck, but safe in what we have already mastered.  After all, we sort of know how to cope with life as we currently manage it, but if we start to make changes, will we still know how to cope?  Will we still be safe or will we look silly?  In our coaching I often help my clients develop new stories for themselves, with more opportunity to make the changes they want to see.  Its not the whole answer – but it definitely seems to be part.

You might also be interested in joining a Sister Stories Circle to share and explore your stories without being fixed, rescued or advised!

Get in touch if you want to know more.

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