Working with a Cross-Cultural Team

I’ve been delivering a leadership programme with a global company for the last 18 months and loving it!  One area that continue to fascinate me is how the leaders work so hard to build global teams – and how much complexity that entails.

Whilst I’ve been focussing on helping them to develop skills as Leaders who Coach, even this pans out differently when you look at the culture of the Leader who is coaching and their coachee.

  • What is the attitude of each person to hierarchy?
  •  speaking out?
  • giving feedback?
  • scheduling time?

There are so many dimensions to consider and act on that it is often best done one coachee at a time so you can reflect on each individual coachee’s needs and preferences and then tailor your approach.  In the meantime, I enjoyed this practical HRB article on cross-cultural brainstorming.

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