Ruled by your phone?

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I’m increasingly aware of the all pervading presence of my smart phone.  Thankfully, when I’m with others I’m able to leave it alone, to ignore the siren call of Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia….  But when I’m alone, or working on a tricky programme design I’m alarmed at how often I interrupt myself by picking up the phone and checking out some random possibility.


I can almost feel the dopamine hit triggered when I see a new email or Whatsapp message.  But none of this is healthy – besides the impact on my body of the ceaseless, self-induced dopamine what about the impact on my productivity?

Whilst I used to love the notion of multi-tasking I’m now aware of the breadth of research that says it takes almost 20 minutes to get back into the flow of what you were doing before.  That is a significant productivity cost to me and my business.

Now I’m aware of it I can be more curious about why I’m doing it – Am I avoiding something?  Am I worried about something?  and then I can consider what I’d rather do instead.

This article by @justinadamwise provides some great ideas, what do you think?


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