Are you being ‘authentic’ or stretching your boundaries?

I’ve had a few interesting conversations recently with coaching and consultancy clients about being ‘authentic’ to themselves.  I learnt a lot from these conversations – in many of these instances it was more about needing to try out new skills such as presenting or to use a more engaging or coaching style with their teams – helping their individuals to find their own solutions.  Each time it was less about ‘authenticity’ and more about having to move out of their comfort zone to try new skills.  In their minds, feeling uncomfortable meant that they were being ‘inauthentic’ – which was a possible explanation, but I invited them to consider whether it could be that they were learning a new skill and that is often uncomfortable and takes time.   Sharing the “learning stairway” helped to explain this a little more…  Next time you are feeling ‘inauthentic’ why not stop to consider the possibility that you could be moving out of your comfort zone and learning?


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