Stuck in a disagreement?

Are you feeling stuck in a #conflict or disagreement with a colleague or family member?  Too often these can feel that they are consuming too much of your brain-time, too much of your emotional energy.  They can be frustrating and easy to get really stuck into a place where you just don’t want to budge – you and your ‘disagreement partner’ just are not going to move.  It can seem that there is no way forward and you are both becoming even more entrenched – even when you don’t want to.

This is often a topic in #coaching conversations I have with my clients and I like this suggestion from @ThisIsSethsBlog: see if you can have a four part conversation with your ‘disagreement partner’ to explore:

  1. Do we agree on the goals but differ on how to get there?
  2. Do we agree on the facts? 
  3. Do we agree on measurement – how we will know when we get there?
  4. Now we know this – what might we do next to move our conversation forward?

I’ve love to hear your experiences.

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