Self-fulfilling prophecies?


This story from Seth’s Blog: The dominant narrative reminded me how we can easily tell ourselves stories about who we are (and who we aren’t) and what those around us are up to (and not up to).  Too often our stories affect how we respond and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Me – I ‘can’t‘ catch a ball.  So I won’t.  I won’t even try – ensuring that I really can’t catch a ball!

A good friend hates public speaking (even though they’ve never done it).  So, they won’t even try….

A colleague tellls herself “I can’t cope” – and has many days when it feels just like that.

All three of us are denying ourselves experiences, the opportunity to practice, the chance to learn and grow – self-fulfilling prophecies indeed.

What story might you be telling yourself that you want to change?

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