How Mindfulness Improves Executive Coaching

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Many coaching clients want to change how they respond to certain situations.  It could be that they don’t say what they think in meetings or at the other extreme that they dominate conversations; that they say yes to everything or not to all opportunities and changes; that they are avoiding conflict or getting into disagreements on a regular basis.

I find two tools are invaluable – journalling and mindfulness.  Its hard to change your behaviour when you don’t understand when your behaviour kicks off and what you do.    Mindfulness has many myths around it – but just 3 minutes a day helps.  Give it a try – Google it today.

2 Replies to “How Mindfulness Improves Executive Coaching”

  1. Thanks for the resources. I recently studied leadership and improving my mindfulness is one of my goals this year. I’ve developed a love for journaling too!

    1. Thank you for the comment Michelle. Reflecting on our learning and taking action seems to be one of the fastest ways to develop. Good luck with the mindfulness!

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