Who shall I be today?

OK… I confess…  I can’t catch or throw.  There I said it.  Last time I tried throwing a stone on the beach it went 45 degrees off course.  Not the worst confession ever – but I realised recently it is part of how I define myself.  Then, when challenged to prove it – I did of course catch it…  That time.  I got a cajoling nudge from a close friend – “so you are someone who can catch a ball.  What do you make of that?”. It reminded me that our identities are always changing.  We can pin them down with definitions – but all too often they become limiting:

  • One bad presentation becomes “I can’t do presentations”
  • One disappointing job interview I’m the sort of person who will never find another job”
  • Feedback on a piece of analysis “I just can’t do figures”

Luckily I remembered that we are capable of learning and changing.  We can see different perspectives on people and situations.  We can find new ways of approaching possibilities and sometimes we can even catch a ball.  I found this #Guardian article interesting food for thought.


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