First 90 days as a leader – leading vs doing


Over the last few months I’ve been lucky enough to work with individuals who are starting a new role – one internal promotion and one fresh to the organisation.  I say lucky because it has been a super recap on what is helpful at the start of a new role.

It’s been interesting to see the expectations that both these individuals put on themselves to ‘deliver something fast’ – a tactic that had worked for them before.  What they had missed was that this was a step up – where leadership of a group was as important as their own knowledge and skills.

Through coaching they took the opportunity to take a pause (albeit a short one) to review how they wanted to engage their team and understand what had already been done, what their strengths were and what plans they already had.  A lot of information came out in these discussions – both in what was said and what remained unsaid….

Then our coaching conversations took a different turn – when to trust your instinct to probe for more information.  All too often we are tempted to avoid this as it we imagine that it can seem rude, untrusting  or controlling.  In our coaching conversations we explored whether the instinct was about control – but for both of them the way forward was to find out how to trust their instinct and dig a little deeper – politely and with a spirit of curiosity.   Each of them found more information that helped them become better leaders and deliver a better service.  What do you think on trusting your instinct and digging further?

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