Are you making up stories?

This article from @BreneBrown is really thought provoking!  It highlighted for me how much of the time we can be ‘making up stories‘ about what is going on.  This rarely helps us – but it is hard to resist the hardwiring within most of us to tell a story rather than look at the facts.  Shall I give a few examples?

  • Somone didn’t agree with my presentation.  That presentation went terribly.  I always make terrible presentations and I need to rethink my plans
  • My boss didn’t smile at me this morning.  He/she is really angry at me
  • My friend is late again.  She doesn’t care about me at all.
  • I messed up that spreadsheet.  I’m never going to make it

Brene’s advice (which works for me) is to slow down and pause.  Get really interested in what is going on.  Ask yourself:   What story am I telling myself about me, the situation or another person? What are you thinking and feeling?  Why? What other explanations are there?

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