now there comes a time (audio poetry 3:06)

I’m really enjoying some if Rachel’s work as I support leaders change and evolve.

words divinely wrought

For the last couple of months I have been bringing through
images of angels. This one is “Grounding Angel.”

Grounding Angel Drawing

There comes a time when you will meet your self in a new way
You will not be who you were, and who you are right now
may also be but a temporary situation
What you once believed
you can no longer embrace,
Company you once enjoyed,
may now feel scratchy and out of tune
Without warning, you may find yourself aghast
at your surroundings and your daily routines
Your body will ask for food not in your cupboard –
more greens, more yellow, more orange
Your skin will yearn for a new environment –
more sun, more rain, more trees, more canyons
Whose life am I living now? you may wonder

Cracking and crumbling, outworn ideas and patterns
will evaporate and leave you feeling untethered for a time
How you…

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One Reply to “now there comes a time (audio poetry 3:06)”

  1. Hi, Jenny! Thank you for reblogging my post. Looks as though the audio did not migrate with the text, and things got moved around a bit. Poetry can be bludgeoned by technology — so, thanks also for the link to the original (and hopefully intact) post. I love the phrase “change consultancy” and trust that many fine folks and organizations will find their way to you for the support you offer. There is so much to navigate these days, be it personal, professional, inner, outer, local, global. We all need guiding hands, heads, and hearts to see us through. Blessings!

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