Is your mindfulness practice driving you nuts?

I know that mindful practice isn’t meant to drive you nuts….  But, some days maybe it does!

whoa signSome of us have impossibly high standards and we apply these to our mindfulness practice.  So, when our minds aren’t immediately calm and quiet like a tranquil lake we start telling a story that we have failed, we can’t even follow our breath without “getting it wrong”.

If we find ourselves making to do lists, again we tell ourselves off.  If we get fidgetty – guess what…. We tell ourselves off.


Its great training to notice what you are doing, smile to yourself gently and come back to the breath.  Some days I can’t manage to follow the breath from my nostril to my throat without planning the rest of my day.  It doesn’t matter – its what brains do.  Just come back to the breath, with a smile.

For more mindfulness mythbusting you might like to read these 5 tips from Psychology Today.

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