Getting your new management job off on the right foot

I often coach people moving into a new leadership role – a step up and almost always a step into the unknown.  Its a great opportunity to learn and try new things, but someone after we’ve actually won the job, we often think that our thinking job is done – until we actually start the new role.

I recommend everyone spends some time thinking about what of their current leadership style they want to keep and build on as they move into the new and what parts of their style they would like to leave behind.  Just this focussed bit of thinking can help give us a better start to our new role.

This HBR article has some more great suggestions 3 Ways Managers Start Off On the Wrong Foot.  My favourite tip is “don’t act like you know everything” with my own addition “be very very careful about thinking that you know everything!”.  This new start is a great opportunity to take in information, perceptions and to value the experience of your team.  Make the most of it!

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