Meditation and the chatter of our minds

For coaching clients who want to become more self awareness and to gain some perspective on their thoughts and emotions I’ve found that meditation is a great help.  It helps me see the sort of things I think about a lot and just that alone opens up more possibilities for me to do things differently.

But, this has not been an easy path….  When I first came across the idea of meditation I made it way too difficult.  I used a set of my own standards which meant to do it properly I would have to put myself away in a darkened room and do it for at least an hour a day.  In retrospect, for me, this was a way of avoiding it!  So, if you are just starting out, just try it for 10 minutes – and try to do it each day.

Then, when I decided to do it regularly I kept thinking I was failing at even meditation because I kept on thinking! I’d got it all wrong – I’d imagined meditation was about having no thoughts, my mind as a blank slate, a calm pool.

WRONG!!!  Meditation is about becoming aware of when you are lost in your thoughts.  Kindly noting what sort of thought you are having – planning, fretting, thinking and then gently and kindly coming back to your breath.  Over and over and over and over again!  I’ve been doing this for about 18 months and I still regularly have sessions where I ‘come to’ at the end of 20 minutes and I haven’t followed my breath once!  It doesn’t matter – my mind chatters – it is what minds do!.  Just sit down again tomorrow and meditate all over again.  Give it a go….

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