Just because you think it doesn’t make it real

One of the main abilities of successful leaders is understanding themselves.   The only thing we can start to control is how we respond to situations and they know their habitual responses and are able to manage them.  But golly, that can be a big ask!

Meditation can help – even 10 minutes a day – and who doesn’t have 10 minutes?  Even better its free!  But there are so many myths around it that stop people trying – the biggest is the idea that it is about stopping your thoughts, turning your mind into a calm lake without ripples.


Absolutely wrong!  Meditation can help you become aware of your thoughts – rather than being ‘had by them’.  You can begin to see (in the words of Radiohead) ‘just because you think it, doesn’t make it real’!

For more meditation ‘myths’ have a look at this article from the yoga journal.

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